Monday, August 11, 2008



"The time for war is upon us."

"What are they fighting for?"


For centuries the Prisati and Sultira have lived in peace. There was obvious tension between the two civilizations but both have managed to stay within their boundaries and keep to written rules of ancient times. Prisati ruled the skies, and the Sultira ruled the underworld. But a plan to take over was always stored deep beneath the intentions of the Sultira. Prisati people lived for peace and harmony while the Sultira had no conscious for harm and deceit. It was inevitable that soon the Sultira would plan an overruling and claim dominance over the human world, making their way up to the Sultiran Skies. All it took was one great leader. All it needed, was one single threat and all the world would be in danger.

My name is Scarlet Mckinley and I am the only person that can save the world.

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