Monday, August 11, 2008

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Amongst the Humans

Dark and wet: the usual Seattle climate. Its coastal location is ideal for year round rain and also, for one such as myself to dwell. I was not exactly a "welcoming" person, for you see the "welcome" part doesn’t seem to exist with me. I was not hostile with people but apparently I had some "freaky vibes" and I didn't fully understand what that implied but certainly something not welcoming. Maybe it is the way I spoke, or maybe how I approached a person, but either way, socializing was not in my vocabulary.

I have always been different, but so has other great minds of the past. What the public believes can be utterly wrong and deceiving, but it only takes one person to change the way we see the world. So many of us are ignorant to the great powers beyond us, and the ones who are aware have been labelled with brain dysfunctions and ignored by the public. What can we say to those who believe what our mind’s cannot comprehend? It would be something along the lines of…

"Scarlet, you have schizophrenia."

This didn’t change the whole world I lived in. It did not make me question what was real and what was imagination. I lived just as I did before, simply because it wasn’t true. The doctors were wrong. Not only did I lack half the symptoms of schizophrenia, but I was far too young to develop the brain disorder in the first place. The voices, the dreams, my world, was definitely real, and the doctors simply did not understand what I understood.

"The Sultira will find any way they can to gain your power and they will not stop at mere dreams. Watch out for them. They’ll tell you anything to make you believe them and that will be the key to winning against us. Be aware, Scarlet. You are the key to saving the world."

Sam was my guardian. He was the most prominent voice in my mind and a great teacher as well. I first heard him when I was 6 years old…

"Hello Scarlet."

I looked around my room, but no one was there.

"My name is Sampirkry."

I looked up, right, left, down…

"You can’t see me."

"Then where are you?" I asked, puzzled by the clear voice.

"I’m from a far away place. I’ve come because we need you." The voice said. It was a male voice, clear, and smooth, with a calming melody to it.

"You need me?"

"Yes, Scarlet. We need you, to save the world"

It all started as a simple introduction, and resulted to a whole new view of life. Sam taught me everything from multiplying numbers to why the sky was blue. I needed no other than Sam and my brother, Darin. He was my guardian, ever since Dad died from a car accident when I was three. Mom died giving birth to me, so all my life I’ve lived under the protection of Darin. He has always been like a Father to me and I trusted him with everything. Sam answered all my questions and Darin loved me with all his heart. How could that ever be taken away from me? So 5 years later I continued with life, attended school, made dinner, did homework, all while saving the world from evil.

The Sultira were the mortal enemies of the Prisati. They killed for pleasure and gain, unbeknownst to humans, they took over bodies to gain power over the weak and helpless. Everyday Sampirkry, Sam, showed me the worst of the Sultira, wondering the streets, owning banks and parading around with government passes. Sam was a powerful Prisati leader, second in command to the great Prisati leader, Prisatine. Most humans called their world "heaven" but it was purely out of ignorance that it was associated with God and "The Afterlife". Sam told me this mass misconception became the Prisati cover-up for their mistakes.

Simple acts of "unworldly" feats seemed to leak out every few decades and those started to become "Acts of God". For you see, the Prisati were very much god-like. They had powers unimaginable to us and ruled over elements like second nature. They owned these powers with no ounce of greed or hatred so the Prisati people lived in a haven of peace and serenity in the skies. They’re visions were quite like the images of Angels living in Heaven. And with every great vision of greatness came a great threatening force to contradict their peace. If the Prisati were seen as Heavenly Figures, then the Sultira would be the Devils. They lived deep underground, away from civilization, away from the light of day. This is their home, but the Sultira came out often to take over a body of a human. Sam said some humans are like empty shells, not really alive but living and breathing none the less. These “heartless” humans could easily be taken over, like slipping into an empty box, the Sultira will choose these people to control and use them as pawns to do whatever they liked.